You've heard that  simple website design works best. But why?

What is it about simple designs that makes them timeless, functional, and beautiful?

Pages that are unfussy, uncluttered and clear are just easier to understand.

Did you ever see a home page that looked like it was designed by committee? You know you have!

  • Remember, simple websites load faster. If they are cumbersome and take a long time to load - many people will click away before it loads.
  • Your site will come up lower in search results because Google uses site speed as part of its ranking algorithm.
  • Many of your pages will never see the light of day.

The whole goal is to make it easy for your clients to easily get the information they want from your site and make it easy for them to connect to you.  

Most of the sample likes below are just that.  The Stray Love Foundation site, may be a bit busy but we

have been working with them for years and they don't want to remove any of the photos of their animals... which is understandable.

Faith Adventure Camp

Simmons Tool Carts

Dykes Veterinary Clinic (under construction)

Patricia Lord Design